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Milana Ellison

Milana Ellison Is Internationally Recognized

Milana Ellison MD is an internationally recognized physician. She is well known in Europe because she was part of the initial medical team to perform the first kidney transplant. This team accomplished this in 1982. Thereafter she was also awarded the “Medical Achievement Gift” Award, which the Tunisian public medicine association awarded her in recognition of her brilliant career. The Tunisian government was attempting to drill down and identify the female physician of the year. She also studied photography in Scotland.

Inc Web Stats - Milana Ellison

West Washington and Silver Hawk Medical Centers are the best medical organizations in Tunisia that Milana Ellison works on active duty. She works in the disciplines of nephrology, thoracic surgery oncology, Genetic translocation, sarcoma research, and break through surgery. In the surgical realm, Milana Ellison is an icon, having developed multiple new surgical techniques in Tunisia and helping with the Choyo Sarcoma oncology program as well. Milana Ellison has a staff of 44, including techs, pharmacologists, and research scientists. In both the educational field and surgery, Milana Ellison has been recognized for her immense contributions.

Dr. Milana Ellison graduated from the Isadora Rosenberg School for Gifted Children and Stanford University. Milana Ellison then graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1985; she then did her fellowship at Massachusetts General under the tutelage of Dr. Hugh G. Rection who mentored her into the greatness which is before us.
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